There are several reasons why a tree might need to be removed, and tree death is indeed one of the most common reasons. Here are some of the reasons why a dead or dying tree should be removed:

  1. Safety concerns: Dead or dying trees are more likely to fall or lose branches, which can cause injury or property damage. This is especially true during storms or high winds. Removing a dead tree can eliminate the risk of it falling on people or structures.
  2. Location: Sometimes a tree needs to be removed because it is in the wrong location. For example, it may be too close to a building or power lines. In these cases, removing the tree is often the best option.
  3. Construction needs: If you are planning to build a structure, such as a new home or addition, the tree may need to be removed to make way for construction.
  4. Personal preference: Sometimes a tree simply does not fit with your landscaping or design preferences. In these cases, removing the tree can help you achieve the look you want for your property.
  5. Tree health: If a tree is diseased or damaged beyond repair, removing it can prevent the spread of disease to other trees or plants on your property.

In conclusion, the safety concerns that a dead or dying tree can pose are significant and make removal the best option in most cases. However, other reasons such as location, construction needs, personal preference, and tree health can also warrant tree removal.